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Chris Sakas

From the looks of it the only thing you have control of is the "remote control" for your various electronic equipment. And at times even those will test your full control.

What is the difference between "control" and "influence" and "leadership?" Something I was asked once and have since pondered myself. Hope you get well soon. Happy Holidays.

Kevin Mackey

Howdie Chris - Thanks for the question. My take on these three terms:
- Control: Making people do (or not do) something through force or coercion
- Influence: People choose to do what you want them to do because it's what they want. Usually requires trust.
- Leadership: Too big to define, but it's a process, skill, and act by which at least one person follows someone else in pursuit of a common purpose or goal.

What's your take?

Happy Holidays to you too!

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